S3 E4 | Moving on When Your Marriage Doesn’t

Welcome to a new series of Therapy & Theology: "When a Relationship Is Falling Apart."
Join Lysa TerKeurst; her Licensed Professional Counselor, Jim Cress; and Proverbs 31 Ministries' Director of Theological Research, Dr. Joel Muddamalle, for conversations about how to keep moving forward in a healthy way when relationships in your life are unraveling.
In Episode 4, Lysa, Jim and Joel answer commonly asked questions surrounding the grief a family walks through after a divorce, how to know when you're ready to move on, dating again, and more.

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  • Some say time heals all wounds ... but what if that’s not true? It’s what we do with that time that moves us forward or not. In the pages of Lysa TerKeurst’s new devotional, "You’re Going to Make It: 50 Morning and Evening Devotions to Unrush Your Mind, Uncomplicate Your Heart, and Experience Healing Today," you will receive the biblical Truth and encouragement you need when hurtful situations leave you worn out and unmotivated to spend time with God. Order your copy today.
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S3 E4 | Moving on When Your Marriage Doesn’t